What is the OMA?

The Offshore Multihull Association (“OMA”) is a non-profit organization established in February 2017 by owners of offshore multihull yachts.  OMA’s mission is to represent multihull owners with regards to matters of racing, safety, and the establishment and promotion of offshore multihull classes at racing events around the world.  OMA voting membership is open to owners of multihulls with a waterline length of 40ft or greater.  OMA industry sponsorship is open to multihull designers, builders, sailmakers, etc. that can provide meaningful technical advice and expertise to OMA. 

Why an Association?

OMA seeks to increase regatta participation by promoting fair and accurate ratings for purposes of scoring race events.  OMA members funded the development of the MultiRule which seeks to use large data sets, modern polar curve refinement methods and PCS scoring to establish ratings and scoring across multihulls of varied performance characteristics.  OMA also actively engages with event organizing authorities to discuss and promote the common goal of safety for offshore multihull races taking into account the characteristics of these types of yachts. 

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